25 year & 30 year shingles

 I install 25 year and 30 year shingles, that are durable and made to withstand harsh weathers.  Some of the shingle colors we offer have an energy star rebate from the government.  All of our shingle roofs are applied by a hand nail process, (The old fashion way) to insure your roof meets its wind rating capabilities and wont fail and blow off. We haven’t had a roof blow off using this method and feel confident in giving a 10 year warranty on all work. We make sure every nail installed on your roof goes in the correct spot to also to insure your roof won’t fail.  This is the problem with most roofing blow offs we see around Las Cruces.  Our 25 year shingles are rated for up to 60 mph winds and our 30 year shingles are rated for up to 130 mph winds, with its sure nail technology, when nails are placed correctly.  Using the hand nail process allows for quality workmanship and persistent nail placement vs nail gun applications.  

The way we work

Whether we are doing a complete roof restoration or an over lay on your project, we ensure your new roof will lay down flat and smooth.  Are complete roof restorations are torn down to the deck, so we can inspect for rotten or warn decking wood and miss-nailed or loose roof decking wood.   At this time any weather damaged facia board will be replaced as well.  Then we call for an inspection by a city inspector.  He  will come and inspect the decking and give the ok to continue the project.   Once the inspection is complete we install our premium roofing underlayment called roof liner by Du Pont. 



This premium underlayment we use is a lot more durable than the older roofing felts and stands up to the toughest conditions.  It is a tare resistant material that is fiber reinforced and has a class A fire rating.  It also helps prevent against any roofing leaks.     All pipe flashings and drip edge flashing are replaced with new premium 26 gauge metal.  We use premium tar around your roofing penetrations, to insure the life your roofs lasts it’s recommend life time and won’t fail.  We install your roofing system the right way, no cut corners, to insure your roof will last its recommended life.   All Final work is then inspected by me and then a city inspector will give it the final.  You will be confident your investment is in good hands and protected by the best warranties.